Why September is the reset everyone needs

September, to me, has always meant new beginnings. Maybe this comes from being institutionalised during school – which sounds like a bad thing – but it’s the time of year I most look forward to.

The change in seasons is so apparent I can’t help but spend the month breathing in air that makes me feel all nostalgic and fuzzy. 

Something about September has wonder, a character I don’t get from other months. I know that, for some, September feels like an unwelcome reality check. The glow of summer has dimmed, it starts to get cold, and the countdown for Christmas begins. Over the years, Christmas has certainly lost its wonder and, for a lot of people, has become a symbol of impending doom — or, more accurately, debt.

But perhaps a change of perspective is needed to see September and the start of the end of the year for what it really is, a chance to reset outside the norm of the new year. That’s certainly how I see it.

…don’t wait for everyone to do something that only concerns you.  

In September, I feel like I can reset my goals and expectations without pressure because the whole world isn’t striving for the same thing. No ads telling everyone in one way or another that they aren’t good enough and need to change everything about themselves to have a successful year. There are no phone calls from friends crying because they already broke their new year’s resolutions two days into the new year. The pressure is off, and you can go at your own pace, be in your own world.

Personally, I listen to my ‘fall vibes’ playlist, which is all atmosphere and melodies. You won’t catch me drinking a pumpkin spiced anything but you will catch me completely in my zone, just feeling like everything is possible. And even if I was to achieve absolutely nothing in September, that overwhelming feeling of positivity and hope is still worth it.

September 1st is like a high holiday, and as much as I dislike winter, I get excited by the darker skies and cooler nights. The browns, the reds, and the auburns. I’m not a Virgo (Gemini forever), but the energy in September makes me feel invincible. I feel at home, and secure, banishing bad vibes, releasing myself from negativity, waving goodbye to summer in the rearview and focusing on what I want from the rest of the year. I move quickly and have this unshakeable motivation that makes me want to pursue every project, goal, and desire that the previous months haven’t allowed for.

No matter how many good intentions people have at the start of the year, life simply gets in the way, and September can be the remedy to that if you let it. With kids returning to school, students returning to university or entering the world of work, latch onto some of that energy and create a new beginning for yourself, no matter what form it takes.

September has an energy that makes me want to see the rest of the year happy and excited about the next instead of counting down the days to January 1st – the day we have all collectively decided to be our fresh start – and we all know how that goes. Whether it’s the red leaves of autumn or the spring blossoms that put you on a more motivated and centred plane, don’t wait for everyone to do something that only concerns you.  

Happy September x

Photo by Jacob Colvin

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