Hey there, and welcome to sincerelysaskia.com.  

I’m an author, writer, and assistant editor, with an MA in Publishing, a BA in Creative Writing and Journalism, and a lot of opinions.

Since I write for a publication, I must point out that all views are my own. I’ll be giving you my two cents on culture, society, news, dating and relationships, and as a big, Black female living in London, all things big, Black and female.

After restarting this blog three times already, I know better than committing to a certain day or time that content will come out, but I vow to post something once a week. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll be the first to know once something has been published. So do stick around for my wholly unfiltered opinion, and let’s hope this is the start of a great new relationship.

To find out more about the other work I’ve done, visit my publications page, and if you want to reach out, feel free and contact me.

Happy reading 🙂

Sincerely, Saskia.

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