There is nothing worse than reading an article that you later want to go back to, but you can’t find it. My blog is broken down into categories, so you can more easily navigate your way through the site, find your favourites and skip over the things that don’t interest you – although I hope it all does.


Here is where you will find all my thought-provoking, debatable and rant-worthy reads. This is my virtual equivalent to a free space where I release all the things weighing heavy on my mind.


As a Creative Writing major, I can’t pass up the opportunity to share a good analogy or a little creative musing about my outlook of the world; and every now and then, I even share a poem. In short, these are all the quotes I hope will end up on my Google page when I die.


Pop culture according to me. All the music, films, books that I think you should covet or avoid. Also when anyone creates something that is glaringly problematic you’ll most likely find that here as well.


I know the news is basically all terrible, but sometimes it’s good to get another opinion, or hear another voice on what’s going on in the world.

Have any suggestions for me?